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Downend installation

S E H C Electrical Services were called out by a new customer , He and his wife came back from a few days away to find their electrics had tripped.

The customer narrowed it down to the outside electrics.

S E H C Electrical services visited the property and after some intensive testing, diagnosed a fault with the cable that fed the shed, a flat twin PVC/PVC cable that was buried under the patio so the dilemma how to replace the cable without pulling up the patio?

adapt and OVER COME,  S E H C Electrical services cleated a suitable armour cable from the bunker up the wall and across to the shed supported with a Steel Catenary wire

Downend call out

S E H C Electrical Services also found another fault at the property, the socket at the bottom of the garden which was connected to a plug top in the shed, was tripping the electrics.

The flat twin PVC/PVC cable again was the wrong cable used for this installation badly laid along the fence, unfortunately the customer inherited these poor electrics,  and the cable had been badly effected by the elements, not to mention the metal clad socket open to the elements at the bottom of the garden.

S E H C Electrical Services ran a new suitable armour cable around the inside of the bunker down the down the garden  wired into a IP66 weather proof socket, we had an un-expected happy customer who came up to say a thank you.